Henry Beissel launches Fugitive Horizons

Henry Beissel launches Fugitive Horizons

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ottawa Art Gallery
2 Daly Ave.
Ottawa, Ont.

The launch takes place in the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Firestone Gallery on the main floor of Arts Court at 2 Daly Avenue in Ottawa.

The poems of Fugitive Horizonstake the reader on a mind-blowing journey across the known micro and macrocosms to the extreme outer edges of space and time. The counter-intuitive insights of modern science here become reality as we are led to question the representations of our senses. Quantum physics and cosmic relativity, captured in the intimacy of the prevailing sonnet form, create a dynamic challenging the reader to reaffirm the human world in the face of the unknowable.

“The Canadian imagination, as elusive as the Canadian identity, is nevertheless a reality. Henry Beissel finds its constant source of strength and renewal in the wonder of our northland … This epic is the first to see it in its entirety, as a matrix which binds the whole together in a national mythology.”

F.R. Scott (on Cantos North)

Henry Beissel

Henry Beissel is an award-winning poet, playwright, essayist, translator and editor with more than thirty publications to his credit, including twenty volumes of poetry. His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. His first book of poetry was New Wings for Icarus, the very first book published by Coach House Press in 1966. He lives in Ottawa with his wife, artist Arlette Francière.